Temporary Pool Fencing

When a new pool or spa is being erected, the law requires that it be safely sealed off from the surrounding area with a temporary pool fence. This temporary pool fencing must be kept up until such time a permanent pool fence is installed to take its place. While this requirement involves the pool owner in an added expense, it is a necessary safety precaution. We offer high-quality temporary pool fencing at reasonable rates, thus both saving you money and meeting or exceeding all applicable safety standards.

Our expert team of pool technicians can take care of every aspect of your temporary pool fencing:

  • Fast and sturdy installation
  • Self-closing gates (optionally)
  • Tear-down and removal

Our temporary pool fencing provides you with the security you need during your pool or spa’s construction phase. It keeps people locked out of unauthorised areas and yet lets you in hassle-free when you need access. Besides sealing off pools and spas, our temporary fences also work great for protecting excavated areas where home foundations are to be laid.

This fencing can be rented for affordable rates so you don’t have to buy a temporary fence outright and then have no use for it once the permanent fence goes up. The savings that accrue to you the pool owners are significant. The lack of worry over a neighbourhood child wandering into your pool construction zone, however, is even more significant.

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