Government & Local Council

The responsibility for maintaining infrastructure at federal, state and local levels lies with the Australian Government. We are fully equipped and capable of supporting the Government’s maintenance efforts by meeting the need for temporary fencing. We can supply fencing for different types of buildings, educational or preservation work areas. We can supply fencing for the Government’s collaborative projects with local construction partners. For these projects, our firm can offer the most affordable temporary fencing in Australia. Please contact A&S Temporary Fencing to obtain the most competitive prices on construction fence panels, stays, feet and other accessories.

Maintenance Work

The Australian Government typically requires longer scheduling periods for routine maintenance projects. The temporary fence panels we provide are ideal as safe and secure barriers for protecting materials and equipment from unauthorised access during long-term projects. Purchasing temporary fencing is an excellent way to cost-effectively budget for large government construction projects.

Assisting Subcontractors

The Australian Government is one of the largest employers of specialist contractors and sub-contractors in Australia. As such, certain sensitive work sites may require enhanced security or protection from unauthorised access. Added protection can be achieved via the installation of construction-grade fence panels, to passively and effectively direct traffic and pedestrians. The installation of temporary construction fences and crowd-control barriers also ensures safe facility segregation during the implementation new projects. Purchasing temporary fencing also provides flexibility at an affordable price. Please contact A&S Temporary Fencing for a quote on your facility requirements.

Supplying Quality Products

Our company provides top quality temporary fencing. Our fencing feet bases, stays and clamps are capable of withstanding Australia’s harshest climates. All our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing & Hoardings. We also supply commercial grade, quality shade cloth, for dust and debris control.

Fast and Reliable Service

We can ensure fast and reliable supply from one of our stores after you place an order for products. A&S Temporary Fencing is the only company that has temporary fencing stores in every major city, ensuring we have local knowledge where it matters.

Government & Local Council