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Events Management


Events Management

The 2016 AFC Asian Cup. This year’s ICC Cricket World Cup, and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. These are just a few of the major sporting events that have recently been held, or that will be held in the near future in Australia. Australia’s a great place for concerts as well, and the fans of Ben Lee, Machine Head, and Chris Botti are lining up now for tickets to hear their idols play at different venues around the continent. When these shows start, these ticket holders will be guaranteed seats, of course. But what is to be done with these thousands of people lining up early to get? Wandering the venue area hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrities? And in addition to sporting events and music concerts, The Land Down Under hosts events ranging from wine tastings to cultural festivals that draw just as many fans. What if the event is a day long, or even multi-day affair? How do you keep crowds of people within certain areas or steer them where event organisers want them to go in a way that is safe, effective, and reasonably non-intrusive?

Temporary Fencing For Event Management

Organisers of these events know that they need barrier fencing that is not only sturdy enough to contain and direct crowds. They know they’ll need such fencing again and again. They can rent this fencing from vendors, certainly. But how can they be sure that they’ll get the right type of fencing, in the correct amount, when they will need it? Also, Australia has tough rules regarding the installation, condition, and use of barriers and crowd control fencing. Most event organisers would rather oversee the set-up of such fencing rather than risk fines imposed as a result of incorrect installation. It’s also more cost effective over time to own such fencing as opposed to renting it for events.

The Benefits of Owning Event Fencing

This is why event organisers here turn to A&S Temporary Fencing for their event fencing needs. They know that not only will they be offered competitive pricing, but that the staff can talk knowledgeably with them about their fencing needs, and deliver the desired product. At A&S, we provide quality custom barriers and fencing, right down to the colour. One reason event organisers hire others to deal with fencing is that they dread fence set up and removal. But A&S fences and barriers are modern and lightweight. Installation, removal, and storage is easy and fast, and our product is always appropriate for high volume events.

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