Residential Building Industry

Temporary fences are now being used in residential buildings and not just in the construction industry. Buying temporary fences instead of the regular fences is a great way to cut costs. If you are keen in protecting your site, we are here to provide fencing panels of the highest quality and at a fair price to help you save money.

We build businesses with our customers

Safety is key in all building sites. Our custom designed barriers are effective in crowd control and are often used around sites for contractor management. We value the relationship that we have with businesses, however big or small. We acknowledge that every business is unique on its own and that they have different needs and requirements. For more information on how our products can help keep you site safe, feel free to contact A&S Temporary Fencing team.

We help you protect your building site

A&S Temporary Fencing is compliant with all local regulations and is able to meet all your needs. If you like some privacy and want to keep away dust/debris away from your building site, you can use shade cloth with our temporary fences. Using shade cloth with our temporary fences also presents you with an opportunity to advertise and promote your brand.

It makes sense to buy temporary fences

The building sector in Australia is strong and will therefore continue growing. We have been monitoring the building industry and the temporary fence hiring industry. Many businesses nowadays prefer to own temporary fences rather than hiring. Owning eliminates unnecessary paperwork and the delays in delivery. If you want more information on why it would make more financial sense to own temporary fences rather than hiring, contact the A&S Temporary Fencing team.

Fast installation

Our products are fast to install, making it easier for building contactors with little knowledge about temporary fencing. To meet all the Australian standards, our products are all lightweight but also strong to be able to withstand the harsh weather in Australia. We can confidently say that our products are long lasting and can survive all the activities in a typical and modern building site, including repeated installation and removal.

Direct delivery

We deliver products on time and within the limits of your budget. Our expert team is friendly and will help you in selecting the right type of fence for your specific building site. You can contact the A&S Temporary Fencing team to get information on our fast delivery system. Alternatively, you can also visit any of our 5 branches to get our products.

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