Temporary Hoarding Fence

The uses for temporary hoarding fences has increased drastically with the improvement in their use whether in a construction site or a remodeled home. Temporary hoarding fence panels are made from the best High Density Polyethylene Plastic which gives the panels a great result.

Everybody wants privacy in their home, but if you can’t have that and you must figure a solution out, a hoarding fence is exactly what you need. It will give you the discretion you’ve always wanted while adding an enhanced feature look to your property.

According to the Australian Standard AS 4687-2007, our hoarding fence technology is fully complied and is regulated by regular inspections and safety precautions.

Choosing A Temporary Hoarding Fence to Suit Your Needs.

A temporary hoarding fence can be used for many varied reasons depending on what the buyer needs it for. It is one of the most purchased items in the construction industry because it works very well by concealing the property being worked on while it is under development which hides its skeletal form and reveals it only when the property is ready.

It can also be used to surround a large construction site to protect the surrounding area from dust.

Temporary Fencing Hire Uses

  • Special Events
  • Domestic Housing Sites
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts / Parades
  • Environmental Protection Areas
  • Equipment Isolation
  • Commercial Construction
  • Crowd Control
  • Sporting Events
  • Local Council Work Sites
  • Safety / Hazard Compounds

Our prices are competitive, and we pride on our work ethics. We want our customer’s satisfaction, and our product quality is of the best.

The temporary hoarding fence panels are durable and sturdy. They will last a long time and can be reused more than once.