Demolition & Civil Redevelopment

We supply high volumes of temporary fencing to civil engineering and demolition contractors who need fast installation and a high level of secure protection for any size of project. Buying temporary fencing from A&S Temporary Fencing ensures you comply with all local government laws, building regulations and Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing and Hoardings.


Civil engineering projects are long term and can use kilometres of construction fencing. Civil engineers are also involved with producing safe working environments and look towards our range of products to provide the best secure site fencing. We can supply the civil engineering industry with the highest volumes of quality temp fences with the most robust finishes, making our products ideal for long term projects of any size.


Many busy demolition businesses are realising the benefit of buying temporary fencing rather than fence hire. Owning temporary fence increases flexibility, availability and provides a medium to long term, cost effective solution.

Demolition companies are generally the first contractors on site and as such many of our demolition clients hire out their fence to the builder when the demolition phase comes to an end.

Demolition work is seen as one of the most hazardous working environments within the construction industry sector. There has been an increase in the need for demolition work, especially for the building and construction businesses, developing in inner cities or suburbs. Reclaiming land through demolition, in residential and central CBD areas, needs secure perimeters with the most robust construction fencing, quickly.


Local governments legislate for protecting hazardous empty buildings from unauthorised access. To avoid infringements, demolition and construction companies need to secure these sites quickly. We can supply the highest quality temporary fences, feet and stays. Erect sturdy, secure perimeters using our construction fencing delivered Australia wide in 24hrs*.


Buildings being prepared for demolition may be unstable, or might have a hazardous environment, due to debris. Local governments enforce dust and debris control in public places in the interest of public safety. This is why we offer commercial grade shade cloth for the demolition industry. The shade cloth is designed for easy fixing onto our construction fencing and complies with the appropriate local government dust control regulations.


We have a friendly professional team who have expert knowledge of temporary fencing in your industry and can arrange fast shipment on your order across Australia usually within 24hrs. Contact our reliable team for information on all our temporary fence products for the demolition industry.

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