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Temporary Dog Enclosures & Dog Fencing


Temporary Dog Enclosures & Dog Fencing

There are two different options when it comes to dog and pet enclosures.

There are Boxed Fencing Enclosures, and there are Pet Enclosures. These are standard squared in shape or, you can have the optional rectangular shape dependent upon your pets specific needs.

We also offer a Bespoke, customised to fit your exact needs shape. Ideal for oddly shaped backyards or pet areas where you can’t quite fit a squared or rectangular fencing in. Adjustable so that you can make them fit specific needs and requirements.

Either way, you’ll find that our pet enclosures are ideally designed with the care, comfort and safety of your pet in mind. Your pet will have plenty of room to romp and play and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and secure in an area where he or she can’t be injured.

No one wants to leave their dog on a leash all day. It can be very uncomfortable and what kind of a life is it for a beloved pet to have to stay on a leash day in and day out? Our enclosures offer you pet the best of both worlds. You’ll rest easy knowing they’re safe.

In our enclosures, your pet is free to do what he or she does naturally. Chickens can enjoy scratching in the ground and rabbits can hop happily to their hearts content all within the safe confines of their enclosure.

Some of our Features of Our Enclosures include the following:

  • Wire Mesh Frame
  • High Quality Galvanised Steel that’s Rust Protected.
  • Easy Assemble Paneling
  • Two Enclosed Clamps With Every Panel/Gate

Extras Available

A waterproof roof so that your pet is protected from inclement weather and can get out of the sun.

Pre Assembled Gate

Bespoke Panels sized for your specific needs. Easy and quick to install dog fencing and enclosures ensure safety. An ideal solution for any pet owner.

With our enclosures, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and sound and we offer you a guarantee with every one of our enclosures.

Isn’t your pets safety worth it?

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