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We continually supply the Industrial and Commercial construction industry with our temporary fence products. Our temp fencing is excellent for all construction activities and makes sound financial sense. Using our construction fencing ensures compliance with Australian standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing & Hoardings, and current occupational health & safety regulations.


Many construction projects are generally in highly public places or places where public safety is a concern. For example:

  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Building
  • Community Building Non- residential buildings
  • Infrastructure works

The industry is a high user of sub contractors, sub-contractors require a high level of site security for plant and other equipment. We design, manufacture and supply the highest quality temp fencing in the industry. Our fencing is available with stays, feet and our high performance clamps – so ensuring a strong robust barrier at a competitive price. Contact our professional team for further information on how our products can suit your project requirements.


The construction industry spends millions of dollars on repetitive temporary fence hire. Businesses are beginning to realise buying construction fencing is a smarter option. If you are a construction business who regularly use temporary fence hire, it`s time for a rethink about your future expenses. Buying temporary construction fencing gives you affordable and flexible options for using your fence. Unlike temp fence hire, no more penalties for time extensions or lengthy paper work. Contact A&S Temporary Fencing for a competitive quote on buying construction fencing. You’ll be surprised how much you could save when comparing the purchase of construction fencing against temp fence hire.


Through our network of temporary fencing stores across Australia we ensure fast delivery to all major states. Our friendly, professional A&S Temporary Fencing team are experts in processing orders quickly and efficiently. We can have your construction fencing consignment on site in 24hrs.


We can also provide commercial grade Shade Cloth which complies with local government regulations for dust control and protection against debris falling in a public place. There are other benefits of Shade Cloth, screening for site privacy and the use of shade cloth for advertising/marketing your construction project.