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Event Fencing Hiring


Temporary Fence Hire for Events

High quality, attractive temporary fencing provides an excellent, affordable way to enhance security and safety for many different events, without sacrificing flexibility. Whether your needs include cordoning off an ongoing construction site or potentially hazardous trench work location, or sponsoring a civic function, such as parades or high volume concerts or rowdy soccer matches, you will find our heavy duty fencing panels essential.

Constructed to meet all required Australian Standards, these galvanised materials possess both long life and incredible utility. You can move them where you need them, over and over again. They even include a weld mesh infill designed to discourage climbing. Each panel stands 2.1 meters high, tall enough to offer crowd control at public events and to discourage trespassing.

Temporary Fencing Hire Uses

  • Special Events
  • Domestic Housing Sites
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts / Parades
  • Environmental Protection Areas
  • Equipment Isolation
  • Commercial Construction
  • Crowd Control
  • Sporting Events
  • Local Council Work Sites
  • Safety / Hazard Compounds

All our stock is readily available with next day delivery for hire and sales.

Temporary Mesh Fencing for Additional Security

Our temporary fence clamps are manufactured using high quality galvanised hot dipped steel. We can supply tamper proof nuts in order to deter vandalism. A&S Temporary Fencing mesh fence packages come with heavy duty green plastic safety blocks that include concrete infill and clamps; we keep a sufficient quantity in inventory to permit next day delivery.

Plus, our specialists will visit your site and install temporary fence stays if you expect the fence to remain in place for a protracted period of time and would like security enhancements. With fence stays hot dipped and galvanised to Australian Standard 42 Microns and then attached to the fence panels by two clamps, this process lends long term durability even in high wind conditions. Concrete filled plastic feet provide additional supportive weight: these panels will not budge until you want them removed again.

Crowd Control Barriers for Events

If you are looking for temporary crowd control barriers, you have come to the right spot. Our fencing is made from welded galvanised steel, which is perfect for heavy use for years to come. The barriers are styled to keep your events looking professional, while keeping large crowds under control. They also feature flat removable feet, which keeps crowds safe my reducing tripping hazards, and also reduces the are needed to store and transports the barriers.

The fences are lightweight, which makes for a much more efficient set-up, and tear-down, all while reducing the stress on your body. They can be set up in just a few easy steps.

Your event will surely be safe when you use our high quality crowd control barriers.

These types of fences are commonly seen at events such as music festivals, but there are many other applications as well. Use our barriers for parades, isolating restricted areas, at sporting events, or even direct traffic and pedestrians. The possibilities are endless with our crowd control barriers.

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